I'm Mathilde S. a French artist.
I was born in 1974 in some place on earth called France. Nowadays, I live in Antony in the suburbs of Paris where you can no longer see the stars (because of the luminous pollution).
When I was younger, I wanted to...
... Grow flowers,
...... Then to be a fashion designer,
......... Then to be a sports teacher
............ And finally to be an architect
So, in 1994 I signed up at a school of Architecture for years!
But, in 1995, a quite peculiar thing happened ...
My granny gave me a computer for Christmas because, I guess, I didn't stop talking about one! First of all, I was jealous because my boyfriend was wasting his time in front of his monitor, playing at Civilization when he could have been telling me love poems! And second of all because I was fascinated by the things moving here and there on his screen!
I couldn't backtrack ... It was too late ... Life is unpredictable ...

I have a new website just for my photographes -> www.mathildesoussi.com

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